Quincunx Quizzing

Providing services to UK quizzers since 2005

Are you looking for questions for a quiz?  Then you've come to the right place.  I have years of experience in writing questions for all sorts of quizzes - whether it be a pub quiz, quiz league or TV quiz show.

Tell me the sort of thing you're looking for,and I'll set a quiz to match - it can be easy, hard or somewhere in between.

Want a picture quiz?  I can do that.  Music?  No problem!  Specialised topics? Just ask me.  From Eastenders to Nuclear Physics, I can do them for you.

Quizzes for any age and ability range, from primary school children, up to and including the country's top quizzers - I've set for them!

It can be for a one-off event, or for a regular occasion.

For details of pricing, send me an email with an idea of the sort of quiz you're looking for, and we can come to a mutually agreed price.  I'll even provide a sample so you can see what you'll be getting.